Alarm Systems for homes and businesses – Eagle Security Systems

Our expert team at Eagle Security Systems bring you the very latest in security alarm technology from industry leaders Bosch, Paradox, Tecom & Inner Range for your home or office. From a basic system through to a system combined with professional security monitoring, smart phone apps and integrated CCTV surveillance, our friendly team of experts can tailor a solution to suit your needs

We offer installation of security alarm systems throughout Melbourne, Melbourne Metropolitan areas and rural Victoria. We also have an extensive network throughout Australia that enables us to provide installations and service of systems in all states and territories – no matter where you are, we can help!

What Are the Benefits of a Security Alarm System?


First and foremost, a home or business security alarm system aims to protect your property and those inside it from burglary, intrusion and with the option of fire detection.

Some clients opt for our 24 hour monitoring service, and the monitoring service can manage these events before you are even aware of them. They can also help in a medical emergency with the addition of a medical alert button or remote control – perfect for people who live or work on their own. While a security system may seem like significant expense, the cost of a burglary averages upwards of $2000 per victim, not to mention the psychological impact it can have.

Deterrent to Burglars

Obvious signs of a security alarm system, such as our warning stickers, an external siren with a blue light and outdoor CCTV surveillance cameras for video surveillance, have been proven to deter a burglar, whose crime is often one of opportunism. It has been found that almost 60% of burglars planned the break-in less than 24 hours prior to attempting it. Plus, 83% looked for signs of a security alarm system first, and more than half of convicted thieves say they would give up or moved on to another property if they saw one.

Peace of Mind

With a home or business security alarm system installed, you can achieve some peace of mind knowing that your home or business is protected whether you’re away, sleeping or working. Our range of security alarm systems now offer the option of having remote access and control via a smart phone app, allowing you to check in or receive notifications from the system anytime, anywhere.

Convenience and Energy Savings

Our home and business security systems can feature automation capabilities that offer convenience and energy savings, which helps justify the extra cost of a security alarm system. Many of our commercial clients have their security alarm system connected to their lighting circuit (Electrician required) to turn lights on or off upon arming or disarming.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

Many home and business insurance companies offer a premium discount of up to 5% if you have a professionally installed and monitored security alarm system installed. In some cases, discounts are higher when the security alarm system includes fire or smoke detection, in addition to intrusion monitoring. While this won’t cover the cost of a professional system, it will help make it more affordable in the long run. Additionally, if you have CCTV cameras for video surveillance, video footage can help when it comes to filing insurance claims and help Police bring criminals to justice.