Below are suggestions for a single level home and a two storey home

Red spots
PIR Sensors Blue spots. Door/window sensor
Green. Smoke detector

When deciding on sensor locations, it’s all a question of priority and of course, budget. In the example on the left, First three PIRs would be located in:

  • Kitchen/family/meals.
  • Entry/gallery
  • Lounge

(In an older style 3 bedroom home with hallway then the third sensor would be located in the lounge covering entry) ยท Next PIRs would be in room with valuables such as main bedroom study or garage or outside sheds with tools etc. If using door/window sensors, priority locations are rear and side where intruders are generally out of sight of neighbours. You can arm these while home.

One of the advantages of door/window sensors is the alarm and dialer is activated

before intruders are actually inside.


In a two storey home, the first three PIRs would be located in:

  • Entry
  • Family/kitchen/meals
  • Upstairs

Location priorities of other sensors are similar to a single storey home.